Batch 34
yay to 100+ members :D

Sorry if im spamming/bombarding RVV. Its just that I had trouble getting my icons up since imageshack is getting on my nerves. And Ami had already posted a batch, but I hope its okay! Cause I have no idea why when I post my batch, Ami's batch isn't visible. Anyways credit Reviviscent, if any graphics taken. Resources can be found here! For all you awesome followers, here are 100 icons and an additional PSD. Enjoy! ♡

(Scroll down for the PSD)

This is my first ever PSD, i am so very sorry if its not up to your standards.

Heres the download link to the PSD! Of course you need to install Adobe Photoshop first. Credit isn't necessary but I do appreciate it. But please do not redistribute this PSD as your own. TYVM.


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Saturday, May 22, 2010 11:00 PM

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