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Name: Chloe Ng
Types: Icons
Themes: Stocks, Celebrities
Maker: Saeeda

Name: Rachel Ang
Types: Icons and Banners
Themes: Stocks - more camera images please.
Maker: PuiLing

Name: Vania Sunny
Types: Banners
Themes: vintage, books, sky, clouds, white, photography
Maker: Edlyn

Name: Anna May
Types: Icons and Banners
Themes:DAMON SALVATOREEEEE aka Ian Somerhalder.
Maker: Saeeda

Name: Alyssa Tay
Types: Icons and Banners
Themes: Quotes
Maker: Ami

Name: Zoe Lim
Types: Icons
Themes: Kpop SNSD
Maker: Cia

Name: Liyana Izzati
Types: Icons
Themes: Lovely, girl
Maker: PuiLing


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Sunday, May 30, 2010 2:22 PM

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