Hello everybody! There are one good news, one bad news and one normal news. Which d'ya want to hear first? Bad news first, alright then.

The bad news is, we've accidentally deleted the Reviviscent's June Requests Form. We have mistook it as the old request form, and deleted it. Everything can't be retrieved back, including our requests entries. We're sorry for that, and we discussed and decided to open requests for two weeks each month. It will be close during exams period, though. There's a limit of twenty five. If you submitted a entry this month already, but want to submit another, do wait for the next month, alright? Give others a chance. And, please only state one specific theme. If yours isn't specific, (eg: girls/kpop), we'll reject your entry. And only state one theme only, not two or more, (eg: Photography, food, books.), we'll reject your entry also. This are some problems faced in the previous request form, and we decided to make it this way.

The good news is, we've created our blogskin account in the Blogskins community. And we have submitted the ex-layout. (:

The normal news is, we've added a comment button. If you want to comment on our graphics, make sure you comment in the comment part and not the tagboard. It is very much appreciated. Thankyou.


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Thursday, June 17, 2010 8:47 PM

Reviviscent is a graphic site which provides icons and banners for any users under specified conditions.
What makes us special is the quality, love and passion we put into the graphics we present to you ever since 19 Feb 2010 :)

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