sorry guys
Ohk, I am so sorry that we haven't been updating but. There are 200+ members and idk what we're going to do to 'reward' you guys with! So i'm actually planning a big batch here, not that big, but 40 icons 10 banners (thank you dear Nicole for the idea ! c:) and I shall throw in 2 PSDs, but I'm not sure if anyone would want to download them because it's gonna be suckish.

In fact we're actually very busy with our schoolwork and all that. And the plan Nicole has given me is that each person contribute 50 graphics. (once again thanks :>) So idk whether the others are willing or not. But if each of us contribute 50 graphics (regardless of banners/icons), and we have 4 makers left, then it's gonna add up to 200 graphics.

So please do be patient and wait for our batches! It might take a little longer, but still. And I am so sorry that Saeeda has left, but she stated the reason and I'm sure that we'll all understand her reasons.

Sorry for the long essay! ): And as for my progress on my batch, I have currently completed 7 banners 24 icons, so I'm almost reaching my banner's quota, but not for my icons. Might take quite some time, so once again, do be patient! I (L) you guys for your understanding.


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Monday, July 5, 2010 10:31 AM

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